Monika sitting crossed legged.

I’m a journalist, writer and blogger who has practised many different styles of yoga – on and off – for more than two decades in London, Manchester and Bristol, where I now live.

At one point I completed my British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Certificate with the aim of becoming a teacher. And then I fell in love, moved half way across the country and had two sons. That was more than a decade ago and I still struggle to find a happy yoga/work/life balance.

WannabeYogi was born from wanting to combine my love of writing with my love of yoga. There’s an overwhelming amount of yoga information online, but not much seemed relevant to my life.  Yoga retreat on a yacht in the Med? Not happening here. Ten minutes grabbed in between doing the laundry and before the school run? Maybe. More walking the dog than downward dog? Definitely.

As I worked on WannabeYogi it evolved to include others aspects of general health which are applicable to and could (at least relatively) easily be incorporated into my life, working around the commitment I have to my family. I hope you find something of use or interest here too.

Welcome to my WannabeYogi, my yoga, health and wellbeing blog.