Looxa Notebooks

looxa yoga notebooks
Looxa yoga notebooks

The lovely people at Looxa got in touch with me recently and I was gifted a couple of their yoga notebooks.

There’s a set of four to choose from: yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga primary series and ashtanga yoga intermediate series. So something for everyone.


Made from recycled paper, Looxa yoga notebooks consist of hand-drawn black and white sketches of various yoga poses on the left hand page with a blank page on the right for any observations. They are good for any yoga student or WannabeYogi who likes to scribble down yoga-related thoughts. Or non-yoga related thoughts, even.

If you’re struggling with your stick figures, they might help you with your sketches and if you’re struggling with sequencing they might help with that too.

And if you’re struggling to find a nice notebook they’ll definitely help with that.

Good use

I might put mine to good use trying to work through my samskaras and/or use them as inspiration for my (daily?) yoga practice while I’m on holiday. Whatever happens, I’m sure I’ll put it them to use during my digital detox! Hopefully I’ll be back soon brimming with ideas for new blog posts.

What might you do with yours?

I hope you’re planning some summer fun with some space for some good old-fashioned analogue downtime – wherever you may be. Don’t forget to send some postcards to loved ones!

Disclaimer: I was gifted two of these notebooks but receive nothing else but goodwill from Looxa for this piece. I love supporting independent suppliers and original ideas from around the globe. Looxa is based in Zagreb, Croatia. 

Signed by: Monika.


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