The Problem With Bananas

Ice cream in a bowl with a coffee.

We eat a lot of bananas in our household. Actually, Wannabe husband and the Wannabe kids eat a lot of bananas in our household. I have never been all that keen on them and went off them altogether when I read about how intensively they are farmed and the huge amounts of pesticides pumped into plantations. Not to mention the air miles. I tried boycotting them for a while but Wannabe husband simply bought them and the Wannabe family carried on blithely consuming them to the detriment of the planet. Left with the occasional brown banana demanding to be turned into banana bread RIGHT NOW before turning itself into a black banana and being thrown away (a cardinal sin in the Wannabe household) I have been known to Google “what can I do with overripe bananas?” and apart from the banana bread it seems you can freeze them – before turning them into banana bread at your leisure.

So I was thrilled to come across this recipe for “chocolate” ice cream – the main ingredient of which it says is bananas (doesn’t say overripe, but why waste a perfectly good banana?). I am not usually a lover of “healthy” puddings – if you’re going to treat yourself to something bad for you it may as well taste divine in my opinion and substitutions never seem to be an improvement on the original. BUT Wannabe Junior is a self-proclaimed chocolate ice cream connoisseur and, faced with THREE brown bananas this week combined with the start of the UK’s week-long summer I thought this could be the perfect symbiosis of weather, taste and opportunity. I thought I would share:

Healthy chocolate ice cream

4.5 frozen bananas
2 frozen mangoes
8 large soft medjool dates
4 heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder
Peanut butter, softened (optional – although not in our household as Wannabe Junior is allergic)

Put everything into a food processor and blend to a creamy paste. If desired, swirl in the peanut butter.

Obviously you need a fairly robust processor that can withstand a bit of ice. I would like to be able to recommend a Nutribullet, but I don’t have one (yet). My Magimix managed it without spraying half the ingrediants across the kitchen (bonus), although it is still on probation for generally being not very good at most things you want to do with it.

The verdict? “Too Banana-y” declared the connoisseur. I have to say I agreed but then as I’ve already mentioned I’m no great fan. He who declared it thus is supposed to like bananas. Clearly though, he doesn’t like his chocolate adulterated with them.

What it does do is provide a chocolate hit with no sugar, which can’t be a bad thing. With nothing but cocoa and fruit it might even count as a superfood. Perhaps you could reduce the amount of bananas and up the mango content, but personally I think that would be a waste of a perfectly good mango.

Suffice to say, it doesn’t replace ice cream for me. But it is vegan, so if you have any vegan friends you now know what to give them for pudding next time they come round for dinner. And now the summer’s here, it’s always nice to have a something cooling and guilt-free ready to pull out of the freeze at a moment’s notice whenever the sun decides to make an appearance.

With thanks for The Life Holistic for banishing banana bread from my life!

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